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Most texts and materials on this site have to do with the Latin language, including its perception in popular culture: movies, tattoos, inscriptions, engravings, bits of ancient philosophy, online Latin resources and company names. There is also information about learning Latin and Greek: textbooks, dictionaries, DVDs and software that can be used in a homeschooling environment.

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More Latin car company names

Previously I wrote about Volvo: ... 118-000634

The funny thing is that company names are so recognizable as such that it takes a special effort to notice their Latin roots. I trust these little snippets of corporate Latin may be useful for teaching Latin. Something along the lines of "see, children, how important Latin is? If you ever start a car company you will need a logo, so you better know your Latin."

Audi - "Hear!".
Fiat - "Let it be!" This one is, of course, reminiscent of Genesis 1.3: Dixitque Deus fiat lux et facta est lux.
Infiniti - Nominal Plural of "infinitus" 'boundless, endless, unlimited'. Technically, this can also be Genetive Sing., but that would not make much sense.
Lotus - "Lotus". This common plant name also means 'washed, clean' and in some cases may be taken to mean 'fashionable, luxurious, fine etc'.
Volvo - "I roll".

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Old Loeb editions online

Sunday, January 20, 2008, 14:35 - Books, dictionaries and texts, Learn Latin Language, Latin Translation, Poetry, Literature, Music
Posted by Administrator
Since my very reasonable (in my opinion) suggestion to commemorate Loeb's 500th and 501st volumes by the way of a promotional "500 Loebs for $500" sale fell through...

Early Loebs, with their idiosyncratic translations are indexed on this page:

Keep in mind that there are also links to recently published Loebs, to you need to look closely to find the freebies.
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Is America Rome?

Saturday, January 19, 2008, 12:43 - Books, dictionaries and texts, Ancient Greek Language, World History: Ancient, Medieval & Modern
Posted by Administrator
Cullen Murphy's "Are We Rome?" is briefly summarized here: ... 7605.shtml

There is one point that sounds very out of place:

A certain arrogance follows from cultural dominance, in that Americans are slow to study foreign languages or cultures.

Is that supposed to make America look like Rome? Nearly every educated Roman was bilingual! Maybe they were slow to learn the Greek culture, but they certainly knew it well.

Olympic motto

Saturday, January 19, 2008, 02:54 - Popular Latin Phrases, Mottos, Slogans, World History: Ancient, Medieval & Modern
Posted by Administrator
Citius, Altius, Fortius - Faster, Higher, Stronger

Why should I recall the familiar story of how Baron Pierre de Coubertin was moved by this motto, originally devised by Father Henri Didon? It is indeed more notable that de Coubertin's name is also linked to a different motto: "Ludus pro patria" ("Sport for the sake of the country"), as opposed to fighting a war, of course. To put it bluntly, it was nationalism, not the striving for athletic achievements that spurred the modern Olympic movement. The officially adopted motto is much more appealing to an individual. It also is more true to the spirit of the Ancient Olympics (and other Greek games) where the big event was a chance for every Greek to experience the unity of the nation, and not to compete for his native polis. There is one big difference, though. As far as I know, no records were set at the Greek Olympics. Instead, one had to prove his strength and skills only among the competitors present. Modern fascination with records is responsible a lot of negative moments. It will ultimately cause the demise of the Olympics as we know them. Very soon champions will be getting cloned like sheep, and chemists will be officially in charge of achieving results that are simply possible for a normal human body.

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